EOMonDis presentation at MultiTemp2017 conference in Bruges, Belgium, 27 – 29 June, 2017

Dr. M. Hirschmugl presented the EOMonDis project at the MultiTemp conference in Bruges to the scientific community in the area of multitemporal remote sensing data analysis. One of the objectives of the EOMonDis project is to develop and improve information for land use and forestry from currently available satellite sensors. The achievements done in the first phase were presented and discussed to ensure the international acceptance of the developed and proposed methods. The focus of the presentation was on the combined use of optical and SAR sensor data for forest disturbance mapping in Peru. Aside from the presentation itself, there was a lively exchange of knowledge with regards to new developments in the area of multitemporal forest and land cover monitoring, which gave an important input to the EOMonDis project in terms of algorithm take-up and comparison. Joanneum Research (JR) will consider some promising developments for the inclusion in operational processing lines. The scientific paper and the given presentation are available online (https://multitemp2017.vito.be/presentations).